3 Ways to Fix Overnight Battery Draining Issues on Realme Smartphones

One must have been in a situation when you go to bed your battery is at a 100 percent charge and when you wake up it drops to about 70 or 80? Well, that’s named Overnight Battery Draining. There could be a ton of reasons behind it, you might have some power-hungry apps running in the background, a cellular network draining the battery, and more. This post will list 3 Ways to Fix Overnight Battery Draining Issues on Realme Smartphones.

While custom UIs bring some exclusive features like smooth scrolling, customizations, conversation notifications, three-tone Dark Mode, Optimized Night Charging, Sleep Capsule, and much more, they also often tend to drain the phone’s battery at a much faster rate. Let us take a look at how you can stop your phone’s battery from draining excessively.

3 Ways to Fix Overnight Battery Draining Issues on Realme Smartphones

We’ve listed out a bunch of different methods which one can use to save battery on their smartphones.

  1. Turn off Location Services
  2. Use Deep Clean
  3. Turn on Super Long Standby

1] Turn off Location Services

Did you know that Wifi, Mobile Data, location, and background sync take up a significant amount of battery on your smartphone? Disabling them could help, here’s how:

    • Swipe down the screen to bring up the Quick Settings Panel.
    • Turn off Mobile Data, WiFi, Location, and background sync from the Quick settings panel.

2] Use Deep Clean

Deep Clean Realme UI

Killing all the background processes before going to sleep might help you save a lot of batter on your Realme smartphone. Here’s how you can use Deep Clean to do so.

    • Open Settings
    • Navigate to Additional Settings
    • Choose Process Manager
    • Tap on the End All option under Deep Clean

3] Turn on Super Long Standby

Realme has been experimenting with new features under the Realme Lab program. Recently they also added a new Super Long Standby tool which can help you extend the battery life during extreme conditions. Here’s how you can set up and use Super Long Standby mode.

    • Open Settings
    • Navigate to Realme Lab
    • Tap on Super Long Standby and turn it ON.

With these options turned on, you will probably get much better battery usage time due to the reduction of battery consumption at night. Do let us know if you noticed any changes by dropping a comment down below.

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