Realme MeowBook, AI Speaker to launch in April, company shares teaser

Just yesterday, Realme shared a poster on their social media handles teasing the upcoming Realme Meow VR glasses, without mentioning any specifics. Later, Madhav Sheth the company CEO teased the launch of a new Realme C series device for India, and now the company has started teasing a new Laptop oddly named Realme MeowBook along with the Meow AI Speaker.

The teaser shows for the Realme MeowBook off an image of a laptop, with the text “Your next book must be MeowBook” and is confirmed to be unveiled in early April this year. Further, the post for the AI Speaker reads “Hey, realmeow, Your next pet phase, Your next must-have partner, #MeowAISpeaker. Unveiling in early April. #realmeow”

While this piece of news isn’t surprising since the company in the past revealed that they’re working on laptops and smart speakers for the market, however, the naming appears to be odd, considering laptops and smart speakers from other manufacturers.

There is a possibility that the company might be sourcing the laptop and the AI speaker from manufacturers in China and bringing them to the market under the Realme branding. That said, there is no confirmation about the pricing and specifications of the device yet.

Recently during the Realme 8 series launch, they revealed that soon there would be companies joining hands with Realme to bring products under the Realme TechLife platform. The new AIoT Eco platform invites third-party companies to develop smart devices with the brand.

Realme already develops smart devices like a smart toothbrush, smart security camera, smartwatches and more. Realme has transitioned from a smartphone brand to a “Tech Lifestyle” brand in the past two years. The firm has introduced a bunch of smart devices other than smartphones in India.

The company is now inviting third-party brands to develop more smart devices under its TechLife AIoT platform. Realme’s India CEO Madhav Sheth made the statement at the Realme X7 series launch. “Today, we are initiating #realmeTechLife. Through this, we encourage budding brands with similar dreams to join a new AIoT Eco Platform. Together we wish to bring versatile technology products to the whole world,” Sheth tweeted.

We do expect to see more information regarding the laptop and the AI smart speaker to be very soon. Stay tuned to RealmeTimes for the latest news and amazing tutorials.

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