How to Restore/Reinstall Deleted System apps on Realme smartphones

Realme introduced its own custom UI back in 2019, namely, Realme UI. The new UI brings new features, performance upgrades, and visual enhancements to Realme devices. Realme UI is advertised as “Seamless Fun” and brings a lot of visual effects – system colours, icons, wallpapers, and animations are new. According to Realme, the interface has “an authentic colour scheme, bringing a sense of vitality, which could make users feel younger”.

However, Realme UI has many pre-installed apps like Game Space, Soloop, App Market, Messages app, DocVault, and more. While this might be useful to some users, it is bloatware for some. In case you’ve uninstalled it and would not like to have it back, there’s a way to that. With Realme UI 2.0, the company offers a new feature called “Recover Uninstalled System App” which helps to recover uninstalled system apps. Therefore, you can just restore the deleted apps without needing to download the app again.

How to Recover Deleted System Applications on Realme UI 2.0

Realme UI 2.0 Recover System Apps

  1. Open the Settings App from the app drawer
  2. Navigate to App Management.
  3. Head over to Recover Uninstalled System Apps.
  4. Click on the uninstalled system app you want to restore
  5. With this, you’ll have the application back again.

On a side note, with Realme Share, one can easily transfer files between devices between any of the four brands, i.e., Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Oppo. With this, users now can not only share files with multiple file-formats across devices but send them at a speed much greater than the competition.

That said, how well does that work for you? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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