How to Update Realme Book Slim to Latest Version of Windows 11

Windows 11 is now available for download, which means that millions of PC owners may update right now (as long as their machines match Microsoft’s excessively stringent system requirements). Snap Layouts and Groups, two new Windows 11 features, provide a more powerful method to multitask and maximise screen real space while being visually clean. Desktops will allow users to build their desktops with distinct collections of programmes to help them keep organised and focused. This post will guide you on how you can upgrade your realme laptop (realme book slim) or any other machine, to Windows 11 easily.

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Windows 11 System Requirements

Microsoft requires users to meet specific criteria, for their PCs to be upgraded to Windows 11. Here’s what your realme or any other laptop must have, for it to be updated to the latest version of Windows.

  • Processor: a 64-bit architecture at 1 GHz or faster with either Intel: eight-generation or newer or AMD Ryzen 3 or better.
  • RAM: 4GB or higher capacity.
  • Storage: 64GB or larger in storage.
  • System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 or newer
  • Graphics card: Direct X12 or later; WDDM 2.0 driver or newer
  • Display: 720p display or better, larger than 9” diagonal in size, has at least 8 bits per colour channel
  • Internet connection: Windows 11 Home edition requires internet connectivity and a Microsoft Account (MSA) to complete device setup on first use.

Check If Your Realme Computer Can Be Upgraded to Windows 11

If you are not sure, how you could check whether your laptop or computer is Windows 11 capable or not, you can use Microsoft’s PC Health Check application to ease out the process for you. Here’s how you can check whether your realme book slim is capable of running Windows 11 or not.

Microsoft PC Health Check App Realme

  • Head over to Microsoft’s PC Health Check application download page, linked here.
  • Clicking on the link will start the downloading process for the application.
  • Once downloaded, pull up the downloaded file and start the installation.
  • Finally, click on the Check Now button available in the app to let Windows check for compatibility issues.
  • If your computer is ready to be updated, you’ll notice a message stating This PC meets Windows 11 requirements.

Update Realme Laptop to Windows 11

Now that you’ve checked, whether your Realme PC can be updated to Windows 11 or not, it’s time to make the jump, or in simple words, it’s time to make the upgrade. Here’s how you can update your realme book slim to Windows 11.

Update Windows 10 to 11 Realme

  • On a Windows 10 Computer, head over to the Settings Panel, by choosing the same from the Start Page or pressing Win + I on the keyboard.
  • Next, navigate to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update, and choose to Check for Updates.
  • Now, if the update is ready to be rolled out for you, you should notice a Download option for the same. Note that the option might not be available to all users at the same instance and may take some time to reach all users globally.

That said, have you updated to Windows 11? Do let us know your experience by dropping a comment down below.


1] Is Windows 11 Free for my Realme Laptop?

Windows 11 is a free upgrade for anyone who has already installed Windows 10. So, regardless of whether your PC is officially supported or not, if you’re running Windows 10 Home or Pro on it, you’ll be able to install and activate the corresponding edition of Windows 11.

2] What is TPM? How do I enable TPM on my Realme Windows Laptop?

The TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module, which is an international standard for a safe cryptoprocessor, which is a specialised microcontroller that uses embedded cryptographic keys to secure hardware. You can find the option for turning on TPM in the BIOS Settings of your computer.

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