User Complains about Bulky Charger, Company asks to Reset the Phone

A chat screenshot between a user and Realme’s support helpline, which seems to be a complaint regarding the bulky charger size, has suddenly gone viral on the Internet. Why? Because the company’s helpline asks the user to reset the phone to fix the charger’s size.

The chat screenshot was apparently posted on Twitter by @shubhamdutt13, who tweeted a single picture of the Whatsapp chat history, which has now gone viral. The user starts the conversation with the user complaining about the size of Realme’s charging brick along with an image of the same and calling it “BULKY”.

Chat Twitter

The executive then puts the chat on hold and replies back stating: “Sir, I would like to inform you that kindly reset your device. Kindly follow the given steps to reset settings: Settings>>Additional Settings>>Reset to factory settings>>Reset>>System Settings only”. The point here being, the charging brick’s size has nothing to do with the phone’s settings, and the company’s executive asking the user to reset the System settings is a mistake.

Users of Twitter continued to make fun of and criticizing the company for its response. You can find a few of the responses linked below.

While the images of the chat may have started on Twitter, they have also made it to Reddit and other corners of the Internet by now. Realme, of course, has not commented anything about the post yet. Following the tweet on Twitter, several others have also commented about the size of the charger in the thread.

That said, what do you feel about the size of the chargers? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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